About Advancing Construction

Founded in 2015, Advancing Construction is a series of niche conferences that attack the challenges the AECO community encounter, including Advancing Construction Quality, Advancing AEC Technology and Advancing Prefabrication, bringing together over 3000 attendees each year.

We work with each community to understand the unique challenges and strategies to deliver on time, in budget, to a higher Quality through in-depth industry research. Which is where Advancing Design Quality Management was born.

Having worked with the Construction Quality community for the past 4 years to establish Advancing Construction Quality, North America’s largest event dedicated solely to the improvement of QA/QC in construction, we recognize the critical challenges caused by poor quality design and documentation on projects. So join us at Advancing Design Quality Management 2023 to make a difference to your firm and projects and walk away with the insights to kickstart your program to achieve Quality Excellence.

What Makes Our Events Unique?

Led by the AECO Community

The speaker faculty and audience for each event is dominated by contractors, owners and design firms. Our focus is on sharing real world case studies, how others have ‘done it’ and the lessons they learned along the way. We limit the role of vendors to ensure these presentations are prioritized.

Professionally Researched Agendas

Before we invite a single speaker, we conduct lengthy research calls with industry practitioners to understand your needs and pain points. Building on the real-life experiences of you and your teams, we develop an agenda that directly tackles the root causes. This ensures every presentation aligns with your learning needs.

Detail Through Niche Focus

Each of our events is restricted to a niche focus, often aligned to a specific job function or industry trend. This ensures that we have the time to dig deeper and discuss the details that you need to hear.

Targeted Networking 

As our events are designed around a niche audience with a specific challenge, and are intimately sized, attendees are enabled to develop much deeper relationships with peers, often forming career-long friendships and partnerships which would never have occurred at a large expo.

Leading designers that attend our events include:

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You can find a list of our events at www.hansonwade.com/construction