About Event

A robust and consistent quality program is essential to confirm that all services, studies, designs, calculations, drawings and specifications expected by clients are performed and provided on time and in accordance with appropriate professional architectural and engineering quality standards.

Yet many firms still don’t recognize the need for, nor have, a robust QA/QC process.

Brought to you by the hosts of Advancing Construction Quality, Advancing Design Quality Management 2023 will give you the platform you need to unite with dozens of other forward-thinking Technical and Firm leaders from Architecture and Engineering firms and discover how you can be a change agent for Quality.

With designers, contractors, owners and insurance firms all sharing their perspectives on improving quality of design, this will be your best opportunity to reduce risk, improve profitability and increase client satisfaction.

Come away with actionable insights to:


Establish Robust Quality Standards


Building flexible firmwide QA/QC standards and templates to ensure all designers are held accountable.



Drive Ownership of Quality


Securing buy-in, dedicating more resources to QA/QC processes, and creating a Quality-first culture.



Improve Technical Education

Discovering the most successful approaches to ensure continuous improvement, effective knowledge sharing, mentoring and training can enhance the constructability of designs.


Reduce Risk

Revealing what insurance firms look for in a successful Quality program and how clarity of contracting is essential to alleviate risk.



Optimize Your Project Quality Strategy

Rethinking resourcing, collaboration, and reviews on projects to set teams up for success.


 Drive Technology Adoption

Uncovering how advanced technologies and BIM are transforming QA/QC efficiencies.


Download the 2022 Full Event Guide here to find out exactly what you can look forward to next year.