Enhance Technical Knowledge & Firmwide Standards to Ensure Consistency of Design Documentation, Reduce Risk & Increase Client Satisfaction

Quality has been deprioritized in the race to get the job down for a low cost, and Architecture and Engineering firms across the US are facing the effects of poor design quality.

Poor quality of design and documentation is one of the primary causes of inefficiencies, rework, and schedule delays on construction projects today. Yet with schedules only tightening and project complexity on the up, combined with the challenge of technical skill of new staff declining, it is now critical that Architecture and Engineering Firms nationwide invest significantly in placing Quality at the heart of their culture and standards.

That’s why, Advancing Design Quality Management 2022 united dozens of Quality, Technical, Discipline & Firm leaders from Architect & Engineering firms to share best practice for improving QA/QC practice at every stage of design. From building firmwide standards, to instilling a quality-first culture, to enhancing technical knowledge of your teams, next year you’ll walk away with the insights to design to kickstart your program and achieve Quality Excellence, reduce risk and deliver beyond client’s expectations.

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