About Event

Advancing Design Quality Management gathered even more of the Quality community and tackle the most pressing challenges facing Technical leaders nationwide in 2023. This is the only event in North America dedicated to developing robust quality programs for A/E firms across the US, developed with and for Quality leaders from over 50 large to mid-size firms with advanced programs.

We are committed to answering the industry’s most pressing questions, giving you the tools you need to make Quality a priority for all projects and architects.

Quality leaders joined us in 2023 to:

Track the success of quality initiatives to get a clear picture on how your program is working
Discuss the misalignment of priorities with owners and contractors to understand how we can prevent poor quality outcomes
Learn how BIM and technology can enhance quality implementation and efficiency of quality processes
Uncover the best way to centralize and improve accessibility to your firm’s quality resources
Successfully integrate quality into your current day to day operations so your program can be adopted despite compressed schedules and increased workloads
…and more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to build an unrivalled reputation with projects that far exceed quality expectations.