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8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Jeanette Shaw Director of Quality & Sustainability, Powers Brown Architecture

Upskilling Staff

8:10 am Developing Integrated Training Programs to Build & Maintain Technical Skillsets of All Staff

  • Hyejin Oh Director of Quality Control, DXA Studio


  • Setting up organizational structures with training responsibilities
  • Developing effective strategies for real-time, on-the-job training in light of time constraints and project demands
  • Developing engaging and digestible educational content for less experienced staff joining the firm

8:50 am Panel: Uncovering Innovative Approaches to Build Technical Constructability Knowledge Across Your Firm


  • Investing time in exposing emerging professionals to construction best practice and job site environments to enhance awareness of constructability challenges
  • Building a comprehensive, easily-accessible quality training resource so that employees always have the guidance they need to ensure constructability
  • Facilitating communication between design and construction teams to ensure a smooth translation from concept to execution, and further reinforce technical upskilling

9:30 am Establishing Mentorship Programs to Accelerate the Upskilling of Emerging Talent


  • Equipping experienced architects with the necessary skills to become effective mentors
  • Mitigating the loss of organic learning opportunities due to a move to hybrid working environments
  • Ensuring less experienced staff advocate for their own growth rather than relying solely on formal training programs

10:10 am Morning Refreshments

10:50 am Case Study: Building a Network of Easily Accessible Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to Provide Technical Support Despite Limited Quality Resources

  • Jerome Brown Senior Vice President | Global Director of Quality, HDR


  • Discussing the value of a network of SMEs and how these individuals can be elevated as resources across your organization
  • Working with SMEs to better translate a broad focus on quality into discipline-specific standards within multidisciplinary companies
  • Establishing the best organizational structure for SMEs to maintain accessibility for project teams

Cross-Stakeholder Quality Management

11:30 am Audience Discussion: Improving Upfront Communication With Clients to Clearly Define Quality Goals & Guarantee Design Outputs Are Aligned With Their Vision


  • Educating clients about the importance of setting realistic expectations regarding timelines, fees, and project scope, given required QA/QC processes
  • Working with your client to identify priorities, and agree upon the right definable features of work and hold points in the project to meet their expectations
  • Advocating for decisive design choices and navigating difficult conversations when dealing with unexpected client constraints

12:10 pm Lunch Break

1:10 pm Integrating Quality Efforts With Contractors During the Design Phase to Reduce Duplication of Efforts

  • Lori Chandler Associate Director of Architecture - Food & Beverage, Ryan A+E, Inc. (Design Studio of Ryan Companies)


  • Establishing the division of work between designer and contractor upfront to ensure seamless and coordinated execution of design elements
  • Navigating more iterative design processes with contractors to satisfy the client’s vision
  • Creating transparent, collaborative engagement between contractors and the design team with regards to quality issues
  • Addressing the legal challenges arising from delegated design models, especially when delegated scopes don’t fulfil clients’ original expectations

1:50 pm Working With Contractors to Ensure Quality & Constructability of Design Documentation

  • Derek Dizon Associate, Project Architect & QA/QC Manager, Merriman Anderson Architects


  • Underlining the value of establishing a collaborative constructability review process
  • Walking through the process of conducting an effective constructability review: Who participates and how should the session run?
  • Fostering collaboration to resolve constructability issues as early as possible
  • Exploring solutions for efficient cost allocation and management of design platform software licensing to enhance communication and collaboration across the entire project

Looking to the Future

2:30 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of Quality Management in Design to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2024 & Beyond


  • Redefining the meaning of Quality in architecture, considering client satisfaction and varied client requirements
  • Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement within staff and processes
  • Adapting quality management systems in more collaborative contracting environments
  • Forecasting how evolving technology will continue to support quality management in the future

3:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Jeanette Shaw Director of Quality & Sustainability, Powers Brown Architecture

3:20 pm End of Conference