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12:00 pm Lunch & Networking

Establishing a Quality Management Program

1:00 pm Developing a Robust Quality Management Program Despite Limited Resources

  • Martin Lehr Director of Quality Assurance, Charlan Brock Architects


  • Structuring a robust but easy to implement system that can be put into place without dedicated QA/QC personnel
  • Exploring how you can utilize existing corporate processes, such as performance management systems to support Quality and share the work among staff
  • Navigating the development of new processes effectively in a time of company growth

Advancing Quality Management Programs at Scale

1:00 pm Creating a Flexible Quality Program That Can Be Successfully Applied Across Different Offices & Disciplines


  • Agreeing upon and tracking the fundamental principles being implemented by everyone to ensure a foundational level of quality and consistency firmwide
  • Accommodating for flexibility in your corporate framework to adhere to different client standards and priorities across markets
  • Ensuring accessibility to technical knowledge and subject matter experts despite being geographically dispersed
  • Taking best practices from different models of implementation globally to cross-pollinate and improve across silos

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Exploring Best Practices for Conducting Highly Effective Quality Reviews


  • Deciphering the must address vs the nice to address for a highly impactful quality review
  • Striking the balance between thorough quality reviews and time-efficiency: How can you make sure reviews are consistently conducted?
  • Creating the training and guidance to support your teams conducting great reviews firm-wide
  • Highlighting the importance of verification of review feedback and how you can consistently achieve this 

3:30 pm Creating a Program That Can Scale Up & Down Depending on Project Size to Ensure Quality Isn’t Sacrificed on Smaller Projects


  • Analyzing the components of a robust quality management program and determining what can be scaled down when executing a small project with limited resources
  • Establishing the appropriate team to be able to address the right-size project
  • Determining the right allocation of resources based on project size, complexity, and associated risk • Piloting small scale programs to ensure ease of integration and adoption, before scaling firm-wide

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day