Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, April 24 | 10am - 5.30pm

Workshop A

10:00 am
Formulating Your Firm’s Quality Program

  • Jerome Brown Senior Vice President & Director - Quality, HDR Engineering, Inc.


Getting new quality programs off the ground can be hard. Knowing whereto start, what’s suitable for your firm, planning the long-term strategy, integrating other divisions and stakeholders, and more, can be an overwhelming challenge to tackle. Join this workshop and discover how to build solid foundations and support processes to become a quality-first firm.

  • Mapping out the framework of a good quality program and the essential QA/QC processes required to drive success
  • Discussing the most frequent obstacles that hinder new quality programs and how to move past them
  • Driving cross-departmental collaboration to devise a program that is as functional as possible on a firmwide level

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Workshop B

1:00 pm
Scaling Your Quality Program to Strike the Balance Between Adaptability & Consistency Firmwide


Expanding your program inevitably comes with challenges, especially when ensuring consistent standards fit different types of developments. This workshop will uncover how to successfully elevate your current quality program to uphold standards as your firm takes on more and new types of projects

  • Benchmarking best practices to monitor the adoption of quality processes when the quantity of projects increases
  • Establishing consistent standards with flexibility of application to meet requirements in different projects and markets
  • Gaining insight into the tools that can be utilized on large scale programs to uncover how to increase efficiency in scaling your program
  • Understanding what roles and responsibilities employees in large scale programs have, so you can plan the direction for expanding your department

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Workshop C

3:30 pm
Creating Systems & Processes to Drive Consistency of Application Across People & Teams


Even the best quality strategy can be upheaved if it’s not applied Workshop Leaders: consistently firmwide. At the end of the day, quality can’t happen without employees adhering to QA/QC standards. This workshop will assist you implementing operational measures to solidify quality as a unified and firmwide standard

  • Evaluating current systems and processes to determine areas for improvement
  • Using checklists, guidelines, and a rigorous review process to ensure the highest quality of drawings and specifications across all designs
  • Collaborating with employees to ensure new systems and processes are consistently enforced throughout your firm