9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Making Quality a Priority

9:10 am Driving Bottom-Up Engagement in Quality Firmwide to Increase Adoption to Your Quality Program


  • Communicating the value proposition of quality to employees so they can understand why they should adopt additional practices and processes
  • Investing in quality champions across the business to increase quality adoption at every level of your firm
  • Building relationships between quality managers, operations employees, and designers to work cohesively to achieve quality

9:50 am Panel: Building the Business Case for Increased Resources From Senior Leadership to Ensure Quality is Prioritized Firmwide

  • Jonathan Wood Principal & Director - Corporate Technical Services, IA Interior Architects
  • Jerome Brown Senior Vice President & Director - Quality, HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Angie Wells Vice President of Operations & Director of Quality, GPD Group


  • Analyzing and showcasing internal data to demonstrate to senior leadership the value of quality programs
  • Strategizing with senior leadership on how best to communicate the importance of quality to all employees
  • Discussing the most impactful ways that senior management can reinforce accountability with quality implementation across the organization

10:30 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Driving Efficiency of Quality Implementation

11:10 am Integrating Quality Programs into Day-to-Day Operations to Ensure Employees Adhere to Quality Under Compressed Schedules & Increased Workloads

  • Mark Walsh Global Technical Design Director & Principal, Perkins & Will


  • Collaborating with operations leaders to ensure it is feasible for them to adopt new practices and effectively implement your program
  • Establishing quality ‘touch points’ to ensure essential QA/QC processes are still being followed despite increased workloads and tight deadlines
  • Mapping out the quality plan during schematic design to prevent practices being neglected when other project responsibilities start taking priority

11:50 am Enhancing Quality Control Through Construction to Maintain Design Integrity & Protect Professional Liability

  • Angie Wells Vice President of Operations & Director of Quality, GPD Group
  • Brandon Marzley Director of Mechanical Engineering, GPD Group


  • Upholding design quality during value engineering to ensure project outcomes are not compromised
  • Staying on top of construction correspondences and product submittals to get ahead of any potential issues
  • Leveling up quality control measures when self-certifying a project to account for increased liability risk

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Building Robust Systems & Processes

1:30 pm Case Study: Optimizing Delegated Design & Contractor Coordination to Ensure Alignment of Quality Standards


  • Discussing why delegated design models should be employed and how to use them in the most beneficial way
  • Defining the scope and vision of the project with all stakeholders whilst still in the design stage to ensure parties get ahead of differences of opinion
  • Establishing robust performance requirements of delegated elements to ensure they meet QA/QC standards

2:10 pm Establishing Best Practices for Robust Constructability Reviews


  • Underlining the value of constructability reviews to get the entire team bought into the process
  • Walking through the process of conducting an effective constructability review: Who participates and how should the session run?
  • Determining what to look for in a reliable, buildable set of drawings for even the most technical aspects of the design
  • Reviewing the tools and technologies that can support constructability reviews

2:50 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:20 pm Audience Discussion: Harnessing BIM to Aid Quality Implementation


  • Uncovering how BIM can increase the efficiency of the design process, support thorough clash detection and coordination between disciplines
  • Exploring ways to incorporate QA/QC processes into Revit
  • Determining what Level of Development (LOD) is appropriate for your project depending on the resources available

4:00 pm Panel: Employing Technology to Keep all Project Partners Up to Date with Design Evolution

  • Roan Isaku Practice Technology Leader, Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Rebecca Buchmeier Project Manager & Architect - Interior Designer, DLR Group
  • Matthew Warren Director - Building Information Modelling & Engineering, BSA LifeStructures


  • Reviewing where quality alignment and expectations fail to evaluate how technology can reduce errors occurring on future projects
  • Establishing critical check points to monitor how closely projects are meeting the QA/QC plan
  • Tracking how a design evolves as more details are added to measure whether new designs adhere to the initial quality standards

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:50 pm End of Conference Day One